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Do you have financial problems and need an injection of cash? A quick loan can solve the problem. See where and how to find the cheapest and the best payday loan and how to choose an offer so that you will not regret it later.

Quick loans are the perfect solution for anyone looking for instant cash. Unfortunately, this is a fairly expensive financial product. We receive money immediately and without unnecessary formalities, but at a high cost. Some companies even serve clients who are unemployed or blacklisted in the Credit Information Bank. However, ease of access and a large selection of payday loans do not make choosing easier. Finding a cheap and trusted company that provides quick loans requires time and commitment, but thanks to that you can save up to several hundred zlotys. See how to go about it.

Check how much a quick loan will cost you

Check how much a quick loan will cost you

As with any loan, at the very beginning we should pay attention to the cost of payday pay. It is primarily influenced by the interest rate. It changes with the level of interest rates set by the Monetary Policy Council. However, the interest rate is not the only cost of the loan. We also have to add various commissions to it, including for considering the application or just granting the loan. Let’s also check how much it will cost us, if any, to pay back the money borrowed. The latter cost is usually optional. However, if the insurance does not cost too much, it is worth buying it. You will protect yourself against unforeseen situations that may happen to you in the future and at the same time affect the loss of financial liquidity.

It is also worth paying attention to hidden costs. These are usually fees that are not spoken of aloud. These include costs of notifications or reminders. Also check if your company allows you to opt out of home service and pay off payday payday transfers – you can save a lot on this.

The costs of extending the payday loan repayment period may also be of great importance. If you are not sure whether in the future you will not have a problem with giving back all the money in a certain time, take care of it beforehand and choose the payday loan with the lowest possible costs of extending the loan period. Thanks to this, you can save up to several hundred zlotys in the future.

Looking for savings, you can also look for interesting promotions. However, remember to read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully. It may happen that the savings offered by the loan company are only apparent. And remember – don’t be afraid to ask! An honest company with nothing to hide should answer all your doubts clearly.

Online payday loans or easy money online


Many payday loans are also provided via the Internet. By choosing this option we can get money even in 15 minutes, without visiting the facility or presenting many documents. To complete a fairly short application, you usually only need the ID card and bank account number to which you want the money to be transferred.

To compare online payday loans offers, you need to use so-called cost calculators. You will find them on the website of each of the companies offering quick loans. Use one of the sliders in the calculator to set the amount you want to borrow, and the other to set the repayment period. In most cases, it is a maximum of 30 days. Repeat the same operation in the cost calculators for a few payday loans that you find interesting. Set the same amount and the same repayment period in each calculator.

Then you will get comparable results. It’s best to write them down and compare them. You can support yourself with one of the Internet comparison websites, but remember to choose a trusted website whose comparisons are based on real data. Of course, we can recommend the Puck payday calculator.

Choose a trusted company


The market for quick loans offers is so large that there is really something to choose from. By taking a moment to analyze all the proposals, you can not only choose the best option, but also save a lot. However, savings are not everything. Remember that the most important thing is to get money from a trusted company. Preferably to one that has been on the market for a long time. Before you decide to sign a contract, read about the institution on the Internet, look for the opinions of its clients in the forums.

You will find most of them on credit portals. But be careful! Parabanks know what word-of-mouth marketing is well and many of the opinions we find on the web are written for them. In order to verify this, it is worth contacting selected opinion polls and asking how exactly their adventure with a given company looked like. It is also worth to speak the language among friends. Maybe one of them has already taken payday loans and knows a good, trusted and not very expensive company.


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