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Once again, a bank that has been awarded a consumer-friendly credit rating, Good Finance Bank is offering a construction that no one in the market has had before. Yes, but Good Finance will give you $ 100,000 if you take out a loan and offer even more discounts on their newly launched product. A few weeks ago, FHB was the first to launch a consumer-friendly home loan. Later, the savings cooperatives followed suit with similar loans.

So we asked, what is the new home loan available from Good Finance BANK, and why would we choose them?

What’s different?

The offer of Good Finance Bank differs from the consumer-friendly loan you have heard so far:

  • A 3-year consumer-friendly loan is also offered.
  • All initial costs are borne by the bank, so they are released.
  • They get a $ 100,000 credit at the start, only they do it.

The most striking of the discounts is the credit of HUF 100,000, but only until the announced date, that is, this year, as long as the promotion lasts.

The release fee is 0.15%, which is HUF 7,500 when applying for HUF 5 million.

But the biggest discounts are yet to come

  • the cost of the ownership sheet
  • we don’t even have to pay for a copy of the map,
  • all the costs of land administration are borne by the bank,
  • the bank also takes over the valuation,
  • as well as the cost of notarial administration up to 50 thousand HUF.

Applying for a 3-year loan offers two benefits

  1. A 3 year mortgage loan is cheaper than a 5 year loan.
  2. If we have the savings and put it on the loan as an early repayment, then these 3 years can be better matched with the savings that have already begun. eg. LTP or TBSZ.

If you are interested in your own bank’s offer or are looking for another home loan option, then see how much you could get a loan for and what options are available in the market? We’ll help you seek the advice of our credit brokers, which you can listen to for free! Fill out the questionnaire to help us. We call you back!


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